Cornus Nuttallii – Pacific Dogwood


Image Credit: Stan Shebs

Common name: Pacific dogwood, Western flowering dogwood

Identification: small tree with many beanches, bark black to brown becoming furrowed with age, up to 20 m tall.

Leaves: Opposite, decidiuous, oval shaped leaves pointed at tip.

Flowers: large white bracts appear petal-like, surrounding clusters of small green-white flowers

Fruit: cluster of red berries

Habitat: grows at low elevations, often near streams, in dense mixed forests.

Ecology: The Pacific dogwood is a source of food for unicorn caterpiller, Spring azure caterpillars, redhumped caterpillar and caterpillars of the pyolyphemus moth.  Birds, such as the Band-tailed pigeon and the pileated woodpecker, enjoy the fruits produced by these trees.