Abies Grandis - Grand Fir

Abies Grandis - Grand Fir

Image Credit: Jean Pawek 

Common name(s): Grand fir

Identification: Tall, with grey bark having white mottles, 

Leaves: needles are flat, 2-4 cm long, dark green above, in 2 distinct rows.

Fruit: Seed cones are yellow green to green in color, erect, growing high in the crown, and falling through the autumn.

Habitat: dry to moist conifer forest, usually grows with Douglas fir in low to mid-elevations

Ecology: Nuthatches, pileated woodpeckers, Williamson’s sapsuckers may forage along the trunk. Other birds, such as Vaux’s swift, the red crossbill and chickadees, also forage in the tree. The Douglas-Fir Tussock Moth and the Western Spruce budworm are attracted to the tree. Grand firs provide food, shelter and roosts for squirrels.